Edsolabs 2020 Year End Party: a fun-filled night with music and talented performances

The 21st of January 2021, 6-10PM, was an emotion-filled night for every members of Edsolabs Vietnam with great joy, delicious food and amazing performances from internal staff. It was the much awaited 2nd Annual Year End Party, coincidentally held on the 2nd anniversary day of the company. During the night, the staff experienced a variety of emotions: pride on hearing the CEO’s speech about the 2-year journey of overcoming challenges to goal achievement,  lots of excitement on watching entertaining performances from their own collegues and high competitiveness when it comes to team-building games.


We were honored by the attendance of close partners including Mr. Adam Christopher Chaplin – CEO of Defi For You Vietnam, Mr. Dinh Ngoc Hoang – CFO of Defi For You Vietnam, Mr. Dang Minh Tuan – CTO of Defi For You Vietnam, largely reowned for his Vietkey, PhD. Nguyen Xuan Long, lecturer of UET Vietnam and Mr. Ngo Khanh Hoang – CEO of Gem Vietnam.

Close partners enjoyed our 2nd  Annual Yearend Party

The program started with a song of spring, a perfect combination of 2 vocals: Viet Son and Nhu Hoa. The song filled the hall with warm and hopeful atmosphere of springtime and imparted in the listener a feeling of freshness and gathering time of Traditional Tet Holiday.

Our respectable CEO – Mr. Cong Nguyen formally opened the program with a speech about the 2-year journey from Zero to Hero of Edsolabs. His sharing about the hardest time of the company amused everyone in the hall except for co-founders of the company. Mr. Cong Nguyen claimed 2020 oustanding leaps to all staff achievements and dedication. He expressed great gratitude and thankfullness to dedicated staff  and trusted partners, then called everyone to be well-prepared for the next 2021.

Mr. Cong Nguyen – CEO of Edsolabs gave his speech opening the program

Next part we warlmy welcome on stage Mr. Adam Christopher Chaplin – CEO of Defi For You Vietnam, our close partner to deliver his address on the occasion of signing ceremony of cooperation agreement bewteen 2 companies. After the signing, Mr. Cong represented the company to present Mr.Adam a bouquet of flowers as a token of appreciation.

Mr. Cong Nguyen gave Mr. Adam a bouquet of flower as a token of appreciation

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary in the most meaningful manner, all guests and members of BOD were invited to be on stage. Mr. Cong gave his toast to kick off the new year party and rang in the new decade. Everyone raised their glasses of wine and joined him in a toast. Dinner was served on the table thereafter.

The Ceremonial Wine Toast led by BOD of Edsolabs and our respectable guests

The business part of the program ended with the recognition of Employees and Team of the Year. We all gave a bow to the rewarded people who devoted themselves to the success of the company. No one could rival them in commitment and sacrifice throughout the year and nothing other than the recognition of all staff proved their well-earned contribution.

Congratulate our Devoted Employees of the Year 2020 

But this yearend party was to be a showcase of talents by its employees. So after everyone took delight of their meal, representatives of each team serenaded the crowd in the following order of performance: Backoffice team with a harmonious song and dance performance of Min st.319 named as “Tren tinh ban, duoi tinh yeu”, Data team with 2 dance performances: Blackpink “Ddu du ddu du” dance cover and traditional Chinese dance, last but not least Digitalization team with happy Minion Dances.

A professional male dancer from Backoffice team exposed his bellydance skill

Sexy and superhot dance from DA team in “Ddu du ddu du”

Feminine dance moves in the second stage of Data team

Loveable yellow minions rocked the stage

 The climax of the night was the most awaited team games. Three teams competed against each other for the Grand Prize of 5.000.000 vnd. The game was originated from Running man gameshow: First person in line gets a thing they have to draw and it proceeds telephone-like down the row until the last person who has to guess what the original drawing was. After 30 minutes of high competition, the Backoffice team won the Grand Prize, followed by Digitalization team and Data team.

 Digitalization team showed their drawings

At the end of the party, the BOD announced to grant teams based on their entertaining performances. Data team won the First Prize with the consent of all people. The night was over but one thing clear was that everyone shined that night with their presence and talents. Hard work payed back well, and we all had hope about a booming 2021 year when each member lived the spirit “Up for anything”.

Happy teams on receiving valuable prizes