A warm Christmas of the great family Edsolabs

In harmony with the joyful and bustling atmosphere of the Christmas Festival that was being taken place around the planet, on December 24, Edsolabs held a very cozy little banquet and made connect the spirit of all members of the great family.

The first impression and also the highlight of the banquet was the huge giant Christmas tree, which was decorated very elaborately, meticulously and beautifully from a series of colorful sparkling baubles to flowers white snow, bells, flashing lights,… and at the top was a brilliant yellow pentagram. Moreover, every corner of the office from the entrance to the staircase railing was also eye-catching deco, bearing a warm and joyful Christmas color.

Data Team took picture near the Christmas tree

The party opened with the song “We wish you a Merry Christmas” as a meaningful greeting to all Edsolabs members, wishing all of us a Christmas season of joy and happiness together.

Our beautiful singer 

Right after the opening performance was the part that everyone was most eagerly looking forward to, that was Santa Claus would give random gifts to each of ones. Stored in each gift was the dedication and creativity that EdsoLabs members give each other. Of course, no one knew who had prepared which gift and would be received which one. All were kept secret until the end to increase the surprise and excitement.

Santa Claus distributed gifts to one member

While each member was “discovering” each small and lovely gift in their hand, a game was ready to make a party on fire and connect everyone. The crossword guessing game with a topic related to Christmas, required two teams to use their body to express keywords for teammates without speaking. Both teams received enthusiastic cheers from every audiences and won the crossword at the end of the game to receive rewards from the organizer, in the spirit of joy.

Staff enjoyed the game

The European buffet with all kinds of attractive dishes and fruit desserts was the end of the Christmas party of the great family Edsolabs. Everyone enjoyed the party together and dedicated the best wishes for peace.

There’s no greater gift than spending time with you. Merry Christmas and see you next time, my all friends!