We let innovative thinking
lead the way

We got a start from a humble root and have grown in years of challenges ranging from epidemics, natural disasters to international trade disruptions, disruptive technologies, sustainability and “on demand” economy. Such challenges not only force many businesses face life-and death decisions, but shorten their transformation time also. Thoroughly understanding that successful innovation is key to survival and thrive in this era, we create an internal culture of innovation and at the same time, help our clients out-innovate their competitors.


We believe that “Create value, start by listening”. Work with us, then you will feel the difference. Why? An unique group of passionate people who care more about your success.


Excellent communications, collaborative approach, agility and trustability represent key attributes to ensuring our client success and loyalty. These values are what we always strive for.


Our vision is to help businesses transform into  Technology Enabled Enterprises that produce new efficiencies, out-innovate and out-compete their competitors.

Our perfect leaders

Together we can make a difference
anh Thanh

Le Hoai Thanh

Chief Executive Officer

anh Công

Nguyen Van Cong


anh Tungf

Duong Thanh Tung

Chief Operation Officer

anh Phan

Pham Cong Phan

Chief Technology Officer

Tech lead

Nguyen Tien Cuong

Solution Architect

chị PA

Dinh Thi Phuong Anh

Data Lead

Edsolabs life

Let's explore how we enjoy our workday

At Edsolabs, we take pride in our start-up culture, though being newly launched, we hardly fall short of our clients’ expectations due to speed and agility. We believe that it is a better approach to build a staff model in which people feel empowered to work from their heart and live out their personal values as they make a positive impact on others.

Data analyst
Data Engineer
Full-stack developers