Full-Stack Developer is a position that can take responsibility for both Frontend and Backend of products. The questions are:
- Is Full-Stack Developer position suitable for you?
- Does Full-Stack Developer take all the responsibilities for team members’ workload on his own?
- What are the advantages and disadvantages when a Full-Stack Developer works in an international environment like Edso Labs?
- To drive your career further as a Full-Stack Developer, what do you need to accomplish?
No more hesitation! Read below interview shared by Mr. Le Duc Anh - Senior Full-Stack Developer at Edso Labs JSC to get the most useful information! And maybe you're the talents who Edso Labs is looking for.

Q: It is said that “Full-Stack is the one who takes all the responsibilities for team members’ workload on his own”. From your point of view, do you agree or disagree with this view?

My answer is NO! Full-Stack Developer is a person having the ability to work multi-functionally from Backend to Frontend or even Server side… Depending on the characteristics of each project, a Full-Stack Developer will play different roles or take on different identities while the total workload is the same. If your required abilities are fulfilled, you will have great advantages in your career and remember you DO NOT have the responsibility for shouldering the whole team.

Q: What is your current job at Edso Labs?

I am currently working as a Full-Stack Developer. It has been 6 months since I started working as a Frontend Dev in my current project. Clearly, through this project I can see benefits of being a Full-Stack Developer. That is, I can do whatever I need when the Backend Developer is busy and does not have enough time to get what is required done. Therefore, I can finish my job without resorting to their support.

Q: What are the challenges you face when working in an international environment like Edso Labs?

At present, I don’t have any difficulties in approaching or working in the international environment at Edso Labs. Perhaps, it is due to my experience in the past but more importantly, it is due to my colleagues who support each other effectively and enthusiastically.

Q: In your opinion, what are the necessary skills that a Full-Stack Developer need?

Firstly, you should be the one who loves discovering new technologies and new things. This is utmost important for a Full-Stack Developer, because Full-Stack Developer should be a broad-minded person and able to catch up with new technologies quickly.

Secondly, you should be a person with good logical thinking. Full-Stack Developer means being able to work from A to Z, even including aesthetics and logical aspects. If you want to be a Full-Stack Developer, you need to train yourself hard to develop your logical thinking and quick responding ability.

Thirdly, you must be a person with perseverance. At the beginning, sometimes your brain will feel like a mess, be unable to concentrate and overwhelmed. However, if you keep calm and work hard enough, you will definitely achieve whatever you want.

Q: Personally, what role does Full-Stack Developer play in a Developer’s career?

It is really important for all Developers. You should master as many things as possible, but since you cannot cover everything, the more you know, the higher your career ladder can be and the more opportunities you might have.

Q: What is your advice for Junior Developers to become a Senior Full-Stack Developer in future?

The paramount importance is you have to love programming, or in other words, you have to love this job. Once you have the passion, other abilities such as industriousness, working and learning capabilities shall naturally come. Just like when you love games, you can play all day and night. But if you don’t , take a short play and then you will get dizzy immediately.

The quickest approach to this position is reading books by experienced authors/engineers such as: Full Stack JavaScript by Azat Mardan; Full-Stack JavaScript Development by Eric Bush; Mastering Full Stack React Web Development by Tomaz Dyl.

Q: What is the most satisfying thing while working at Imprint?

That is the comfort of working without any restrains. This is very crucial to Dev since it makes us less stressful and work much more effectively.

Thanks Mr. Duc Anh for your sincere and helpful sharings.

Wish all the best to you!