Our IT consulting service

Create value, start by listening

To be frank, it could be overly easy for us to brag about the cutting-edge technology applications and glamorous transformations currently available on the market. But we understand thoroughly that each client has its own set of business needs. The key is sincere communication.


As a technology consulting firm, we let you have access to a whole team of experts holding diverse and wider talent. Moreover, you obtain our in-depth knowledge of know-how and patterns as well as the myriad of tools that will definitely bring out fresh solutions and innovations for your organization.

Our consultant framework

Your vision, our innovation

Understanding the business

Competent understanding is definitely more than examining the external environment, your business’s financial health, the technologies currently used and the employees’ behaviours. Our Business Analyst would also explore why executives made certain choices that appear to be mistakes or ignored certain factors that seem important.

Defining business pain points

We always insist joint client – consultant task forces to work on data analysis and other parts of diagnostic process. Clearly when you, as clients involve yourself  into the diagnosis, you are more likely to acknowledge your roles in solving problems. In this way we define pain points in connection with your organizational issues.

Recommending solutions

Our consultant would design a full-packaged solution which will translate your business objectives into actions by leveraging latest technologies. As a result of working closely with your organization before, our formal recommendations are certain to be well accepted because they have been thoroughly tested.

Implementing & Evaluating

We believe that consultants who regard implementation solely as clients’ responsibility lack a professional attitude, since recommendations that are not implemented are a waste of money and time. Hence, our team are always ready to assist implementation and evaluation on your request.

Our clients

Top companies and leading start-ups choose us for their mission critical software development projects.