Data Analytics Service

Don’t risk your success on intuitive decisions

Making high-stakes business decisions has always been hard. But recently, as the complexities of global commerce have deepened, it has become tougher than ever. The choices facing managers and the data requiring analysis have multiplied even as the time for analyzing them has shrunk.


But you can count on us. Our passionate team includes business analysts, data analysts, engineers and strategists who are ready to join any phase of your data journey and get your hardest business problems solved. We leverage our expertise needed to explore the truth and apply technology to scale up the solution within your organization within days.

Our analytics framework

Your vision, our innovation

Phase 1: Data Transformation

Data Lake Warehousing

  • Bring all disparate data together into one centralized and secured place
  • Provide a core component of business intelligence

Data Unification 

  • Support various data sources with various APIs or communication protocols
  • Add advanced analytics tools to mature your data
  • Combine with Edsolabs AI Services during ETL process to retrieve a holistic 360 – degree customer view
Phase 2: Data Visualization & Integrations

BI Roadmap – Custom Dashboards and Reports

  • Deep understanding of workflows across your organization
  • Collect existing metrics, design new measures of performance
  • Design data models, develop and maintain BI dashboards


  • Integrate with your varied in-use platforms to unify data and obtain a broad view picture of your business



Phase 3: Predictive Analytics & Automation

Predictive Analytics

Featured Industries

Make use of data science and analytics to thrive tomorrow

A report by Deloitte Access Economics says that a massive 76% percent of businesses have plans to increase their spend over the next two years on increasing their data analytic capabilities. This proves that almost all industries have acknowledged the major benefits from data science and analytics. However, to ensure our clients make the most out of our data analytics service, we specifically choose to invest our vast expertise and talents in several business sectors listed below:


  • Ecommerce
  • Finance and Banking
  • Manufacturing
  • Communications, Entertainment and Media
  • Telecommunication
  • Government


We make data work for you

High security and credibility
  • Unify disparate data into a single centralized and secured place
  • Enforce rules on database level to ensure access to proper users
High performance & cost effectiveness
  • Retrieve data faster, cheaper and more accurately
  • Highly flexible and scalable architecture nurture cost-effective and agile data environment
Transform data into actionable insights
  • Segment customers based on their favorites and behaviors
  • Reduce churn out rate
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Decide which ad to buy
Realtime decision-making
  • For both technical and non-technical users
  • Self-service BI
  • Timely business decision
Quick implementation
  • Agile software development process
  • Great data analysts experience
  • Ready-to-use templates

Our Customers