Edsolabs 2020 Awards: a special nomination to honor splendid ordinary heroes

Our nomination night was abnormal, a far cry from a typical one without the full attendance of awardees. Nearly a quarter of attendants arrived late, left early and stayed up all night to deliver projects on time before the following morning. It is certain that such an inspirational devotion drives us to do more.


On the evening of January 21, Edsolabs Year End Party took place at Van Hoa Restaurant, 69 Le Duc Tho, Hanoi with the participation of over 100 members and guests. With the 2021 slogan as “Up for anything”, Edsolabs Board of Directors called every staff to be well-prepared for a transforming stage of the company: From Blossoming to Booming. Mr. Cong Nguyen, CEO of Edsolabs expressed his great gratitude to valuable contributions of each member which leads to the whole company’s benefits as a result.

Mr. Cong Nguyen, CEO of Edsolabs shared the story of 2-year journey 

On this day, Edsolabs celebrated its 2-year journey anniversary with lots of ups and downs. Throughout this journey we witnessed stumbles and falls, then standings up again and moves forward without any certainty or secure but true belief in what we were meant to be. We fell apart and said goodbye to our once most beloved colleagues. But now we were here, in this hall, stronger and grown-up than ever, what we have achieved proved our path.

What made the difference in getting us to the success line was true commitment and splendid dedication of several employees and teams. For this reason, we specifically honored 11 individuals and 2 teams with Employees of the Year Award. It was amazing how they found the way to get tremendous amount of work done, and at the same time, received tons of positive feedbacks on their performances. We were all grateful for their devoted contribution. They guided the way for us all.

Our amazing awardees on receiving recognition from all the company

Below are the full list of our “ splendid ordinary heroes”:

Team of the Year 2020

      • Digitalization Team
      • Data Team

Employee of the Year 2020

      • Mr. Le Hoai Thanh – Delivery Manager
      • Mr. Dinh Tien Cuong – Technical Lead
      • Ms. Pham Hong Quynh – Survey Lead
      • Ms. Nguyen Thi Ly – BA Lead
      • Ms. Dinh Thi Phuong Anh – Data Lead
      • Mrs. Tran Huong Bien – Head of Accounting
      • Ms. Nguyen Thi Hue – HR Executive
      • Mr. Le Cong Minh – Data Engineer
      • Mr. Vu Trung Kien – AI Engineer
      • Ms. Dinh Thi Thuong Thuong – Developer
      • Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Nhi – Intern Tester

Let’s have a look at other pictures of the event:

Team Data – the youngest and the most “crowded” team 

Team Digitalization on stage

Team Digitalization celebrated their triumph