Edso Labs attained Microsoft Gold Partner Status 

Edso Labs has officially attained the Gold Certified Partner Status with a competency in Data Analytics, the highest certification available for Microsoft Partners. This means Edso Labs proudly gets its place in top 1% of more than 100,000 Microsoft Partners worldwide. The certifications change over the years, but our commitment to quality and to our customers’ satisfaction will not.

Keep reading to explore how your business is beneficial from our certifications.

  • Be first in the line for updates

Technology world is fast evolving with massive innovations. But you can be assured as Microsoft are among indispensable leaders in this industry and Gold Partners are always updated with those advances. We are certain to harness the power of state-of-the-art Microsoft technology to serve your vision.

  • Proven expertise & sizeable qualified staff

Gold Partners do not only meet rigorous requirements of competency but also the number of qualified staff. To be specific, a Gold Partner has a large professional staff and a sizeable Microsoft certified team. What does this mean for your business? You can be definitely confident that you have our expetise and diverse talents despite unexpected things like turnover or a few employees health problems. More qualified resources also mean less waiting time for troubleshooting, adjusting and project scaling.

  • On-hand Microsoft Technical Supports

As a Gold Partner, Edso Labs is entitled to have the advantage of advanced supports from Microsoft experts. This guarantees quick response times and problems resolution by the most appropriate people who know exactly what to be done in the shortest time. If the project hits a roadblock, it can be escalated right away.

In fact, we can have Microsoft experts consult you on architecting your solution from the first moment when you consider using Microsoft IT based services and products till delivering your solution.

  • Proof of Concept before taking the plunge

As a part of Gold Partner benefits package, out team have acess to various product licenses which are meant to develop demos and offer our customers prototypes. We totally understand your making financial commiment needs logic and practical bases. Your benefits are obvious in this case as having a test drive before it goes down the implementation road.

  • Qualified Employees, Successful Customers

At Edso Labs, we create a self-learning culture inside our organization where enmployees are empowered to maximize their capacity. That’s why we support our professionals by paying for their certification needs. Edso Labs also reward our employees who are pioneers in getting certified. Studying for these exams is something they do for our customers’ success.

A Microsoft Partner with Silver or Gold Competency has definitely proven its certified proficiency, skillset and experience. While a Silver Status is good, Edso Labs always strives for the Gold. We are heading towards Microsoft Gold Partner Status in Data Platform and Cloud Platform as well to better serve our customers.

Choose us today for your Data Analytics needs! Last but not least, let’s celebrate with us and congratulate Data team, our heroes for their triumph.