Edso Labs CMMI Kick-off Event 2021

On 8th July, Edso Labs threw a CMMI kick-off with full attendance of the entire organization. The upper echelon’s directive to staff was simple and clear: “We’re going to adopt CMMI in our organization and we’re committed to this.” The message penetrated awfully fast as employees all understood why, what to do and how we would conquer the objective together.


CMMI implementation: an essential decision to sustainability

For more than 25 years, stellar companies and organizations have been greatly beneficial from CMMI to demonstrate prodigious achievements. CMMI is a win-win for both the organization and employees. On one hand, it helps creative developers focus more on important things and provides a hallmark to gauge their coding productivity. On the other hand, CMMI make business processes clear and effective.

Edso Labs is on a conclusive threshold of development, CMMI is expected to turn the company on the dime. So what is CMMI and why it matters to Edso Labs growth?

  • CMMI Foundation

The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a process and behavioral model that helps organizations streamline process improvement and encourage productive, efficient behaviors that decrease risks in software development. It was devloped by Carnigie Mellon University in 1987 and has gone through adjustments. The lastest version, V2.0 in March 2018 is applicable in software, hardware and the development of service across all industries. Through time, CMMI has forged ahead as one of the most popular models and has become an international standardization in development industry.

  • CMMI goals

A primary goal of CMMI is the creation of reliable and cooperative working environments which embraces diversity, responsibility and productivity.

The CMMI helps us get essential questions “how do we know…?” answered quantitively:

  • How do we know what we are good at?
  • How do we know if we’re improving?
  • How do we know if the process we use is working well?
  • How do we know if our requirements change process is useful?
  • How do we know if our products are as good as they can be?

As a consequence, CMMI program enables organizations to achieve top-line objectives such as:

  • Produce quality services or products
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase value for stockholders
  • Achieve industry-wide recognition for excellence
  • Grow market share

Proven results of CMMI (John Maher, 2016)

CMMI path in Edso Labs

Now that we understand what CMMI does and why it is important, let’s discover how it gonna be applied in Edso Labs.

Every process requires trial and error. As Mr Cong Nguyen, CEO of Edso Labs told us, we would stumble a lot of times before we championed it. We set up a stretched goal and we gonna doing better as time went by despite an ambiguous start. It was estimated to take two quarterly cycles for the first trial. By the end of February 2022, Edso Labs would reach Capability Maturity level 2. We all can not wait for the launch of standardized process in September 2021.

Edso Labs CMMI Path

A Kick-off filled with lots of fun and meaningful lessons

Though CMMI is a dry subject and most of us had no ideas of CMMI before, we all enjoyed the kick-off event. The trainer was knowledgeable about the subject and provided an easy approach for newbies. It was hard to believe but we learned by playing games. Our training session was not like a serious meeting as much as a close sharing talk. Event feedback was great, the message penetrated into employees awfully fast. 85% attendees realized the full potential of CMMI to their personal development as well as for greater good.  79% demonstrated their commitment to the program. 92% believed it was their own responsibility to champion quality and 80% were willing to gauge their performance.

To sum up, CMMI implementation is a challenge but if we win, it will be a resounding victory. We believe together we can make a difference. As the entire company already know where we gonna head to, all hands point to the same direction, we will maximize the results.