Face Tracking is a computer technology which identifies human faces in digital images or videos. It is AI development that has fueled the proliferation of Face Tracking application, once considered as no more than a product of fiction. Face Tracking generally works by comparing selected facial features from an image with faces stored in a database.

  • Track employee/ school attendance automatically
  • Facilitate security & recognize VIP or high-value clients
  • Protect your stores from theft
  • Smarter Advertising
  • Serve data analysis of customers behaviors
  • Control access to sensitive areas

Our Face Tracking service allows checking the likelihood of two faces by comparing the image input with the biometric data on records. To be specific, algorithms are set to identify the size, shape, and relative position of the eyes, nose, cheekbones, and jaw on human faces. Though the current uses of facial recognition seem to be championed by governments, large enterprises, or tech startups, we believe there are endless ways for your business to leverage our Face Tracking service.

Why choose us

 We believe there are endless ways for your business to leverage our Face Tracking service.

Attendance Tracking

With facial recognition technology, employers and managers can make sure that employees can time-in only when they are physically present at the workplace. Not only that, employee productivity can be tracked in real time.

Source of Direct Insights

From making advertising more targeted by making guesses of people’s age and gender to customizing discounts or offers based on customer profiles, facial recognition gives retailers & marketers on-demand insight on their shopper’s behavior and emotions. 

Access Control

Face recognition- controlled access can ensure that only authorized individuals get into facilities like labs, boardrooms, bank vaults, training centers for athletes and other sensitive premises.