E-KYC is a process in which approved entities query a digital ID system to authenticate or verify their customers’ identities and, in some cases, retrieve basic information about them. E-KYC systems can improve the onboarding process by reducing or eliminating paper-based procedures and record-keeping, which reduces cost and time spent on verification, making it more profitable to provide services to remote customers. At the same time, liveness detection enables combatting with fraudsters in onboarding process.

  • Get rid of cumbersome procedures & streamline the process
  • Create a paperless environment for better traceability
  • Reduce transaction costs & time for verifying customers’ identities
  • Powerful anti-spoofing
  • Safety payment
  • Keep personal data secure and private

Our full packages comprises of solutions for 4 types of ID papers, including: Identification Cards, Passport, Driving License.

Our eKYC solution is a comprehensive product suite which helps businesses simplifies the process of verifying customers’ identities with ultra-high accuracy and safety, simultaneously at high speed and reasonable cost. This solution is especially beneficial to “document not present” environments or industry sectors where customer identification plays a vital role to ensure security.

Application scenarios

An eKYC utility platform has been proven to be beneficial to sectors including retail and corporate banking, asset management as well as insurance and telecommunications.


Why choose us

With increasing risk of online fraud and identity theft, as a service provider, it is our responsibility to ensure that our services cannot be compromised.

Thanks to our strong eKYC workflow, your company can be absolutely free from worries about any fraudster efforts to fake a customer’s biometrics. At first step, presentation attack detection is carried out to make sure that the person interacting remotely over an app is indeed a live person and not a photo or recorded screenplay.


For KYC onboarding processes, face comparison is executed between face on ID papers vs live face. At the same time, our software search for live face in face database in order to identify risky face.

Key advantages

Our eKYC solution is a go-to technology suite for these reasons


Quick implementation thanks to ready-to-use features


Well-prepared for massive scale projects

High security

Keep personal data secure and safe

100% customizable

Easily change and create your own unique customization