Production planning represents the core of the manufacturing process. The purpose of production planning is to use the available capacity optimally to build the right schedule so that right goods are made and delivered at the right quantity, at the right time and at the right costs.  

  • Reduce physical paperwork & storage space
  • Drive demand – driven manufacturing
  • Reduce lead time and changeovers
  • Deliver on time
  • Control WIP & inventory
  • Synchronize planning, scheduling and execution
  • Monitor performance in real time
  • Make better decisions and accelerate internal communications

Our Production Planning Optimization Solution serves clients of manufacturing industries regardless of their sizes or products. More than just an application used to assign, manage and track staff tasks, this full-fledged suite involves most of core activities of a manufacturer including: customer relationship management, inventory management, raw material management, scheduling, project management and shop floor control.

Why choose us

Not just an application used to assign, manage and track staff tasks, this full-fledged suite covers core activities of your business. Let explore how key features of our solution boost your productivity.

Intelligent Scheduling

  • Automatically forecast staff requirements & generate scheduling based on historical data
  • Quickly re-schedule the plan and get most optimized schedule when there are changes
  • Avoid costly scheduling mistakes by accessing a complete view of each employee’s availability
  • Enable employees to receive their schedules and tasks via mobile app, text, or online through their own personal dashboard

Production Control & Tracker

  • Eliminate unnecessary changeovers
  • Drive demand-driven manufacturing
  • Get a real-time overview of your production process at shopfloor
  • Synchronize planning, scheduling and execution
  • Involve and connect planners, warehouse workers, line feeders and operators, then accelerate communications

Stock Monitoring

  • Monitor your stock as well as material flows
  • Control WIP and inventory at ease
  • Support better planning according to capacity
  • Optimal pace of storage and shorter cycle time

Shipment Monitoring

  • Use OCR-based tools to read and record automatically information of the shipments
  • Make sure the right goods are shipped at the time supposed to be
  • Avoid data being manipulated or hacked
  • Reduce time & manual costs for weighing process