Strategic signing ceremony between Edsolabs and Defi For You UK to establish a new blockchain company and going global

On 21st January, 2021 Edsolabs JSC (Edso) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Defi For You UK (DFY) to establish a new blockchain company, named as Blockchain Developer Asia and going global.


The signing ceremony was attended by the representatives of Edso and DFY, with Mr. Cong Nguyen – CEO of Edsolabs, Mr. Pham Cong Phan – CTO of Edsolabs, Mr. Duong Thanh Tung – COO of Edsolabs Mr. Adam Christopher Chaplin – CEO of DFY, Mr. Dinh Ngoc Hoang – CFO of DFY, Mr. Dang Minh Tuan – CTO of DFY. This agreement marks a turning point in the strategic partnership between Edso and DFY, thereby 2 companies establishing a new blockchain company, named as Blockchain Developer Asia and going global.

            Representatives of  Defi For You UK at the signing ceremony

Under the agreement both sides will invest their expertise and talents in blockchain into this cooperation in order to develop new solutions, provide consultancy, facilitate, support, and promote blockchain projects. This cooperation is expected to create many practical values ​​for both sides and to support the development of blockchain in Asia in general.

Mr. Adam Christopher Chaplin – CEO of DFY affirmed his belief that the explosion of virtual assets was inevitable in the near future. He said “ Blockchain is defined as an open technology and distributed ledger with the unprecedented ability to perform efficient transactions between two agents, at the same time, ensure verification and permanent performance. There is no doubt that blockchain will found new bases for the social and economic system, and become a disruptive technology that completely transform our world. In other words, the potentiality of blockchain is imminent in any field, but it takes time for the world to adopt it and this waiting time is our opportunity.”

Mr. Adam Christopher Chaplin – CEO of DFY delivered his address

What’s more, Mr. Adam also congratulated Edsolabs on its 2-year journey from overcoming lots of obstacles to goal achievements. He shared the story of the first meeting when Edsolabs was just a small start-up and expressed his belief in the successful cooperation between 2 companies.

After the speech of Mr. Adam, both sides, their organizations and associations have agreed on a common goal and a direction to cooperate in the upcoming time. Then came the most important part of the ceremony, the signing part. With the witness of all attendees, the signing ceremony took place successfully. We shared hope about a thriving future for Blockchain Developer Asia.

The signing moment 

Defi For You UK have created a decentralized loan economy on the blockchain, whereby the irrefutable reputation of the individual as verifiable on the public ledger (blockchain) is combined with type and terms of collateral to create a bid and ask economy setting the interest and terms of loans. Though newly IDO, they have acquired remarkable trust and approval from both investors and community.