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You can depend on us. We are a passionate team who care deeply about your success. Originally rooted from a trustworthy technology firm of 7 years, with 150+ developers, 100+ clients in over 10 countries, our consultants are capable of offering you an in-depth understanding of the labor market as well as ensure the right talents for your specific roles.

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Skillsets You Can Expect

Whether you are a start up or a large enterprise, we can help you build or augment your tech team with top talent at an affordable price here in Vietnam.

Our Guarantee

3 months free replacement guarantee:

If a candidate fails to complete the 3-month warranty period, we will search for a replacement immediately. If we are unable to fill the position within 45 days, a portion of your fee will be refunded. From the 91st day, the replacement fee will be charged per hire.

3 pre-screened candidates within 14 days:

We guarantee to provide at least 3 pre-screened suitable candidates within 14 days of an advertised position or vacancy.